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What to expect?

Firstly we'll talk about Bluegrass as a music style and demonstrate how each instrument plays its role in the bluegrass ensemble. Then we'll hop straight into playing a few tunes and songs that use common techniques and traits found in bluegrass music.

Once we've established a groove with the fundamental rhythm and melody playing we'll then take a look at soloing, harmony singing and arranging. Then we'll progress to stagecraft, mic technique and tips on how to perform live!

Throughout this process we will be preparing and arranging a 4 tune/song set that is stage-ready to perform at the Hexham Bluegrass Festival.

List of preferred instruments:
Acoustic Guitar, Violin/Fiddle, Bass (if electric please bring amplifier), Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Voice, Harmonica, Viola, Cello, Accordion, Wind.

If you are interested but play a different instrument please get in touch as we may be able to fit you in as well (we may just need to know in advance in order to prepare materials).

Ideally to get the most from the workshop you will have a basic understanding of your instrument (i.e. the ability to strum/finger pick basic chords and melody lines) and be able to keep in time with the music.

Age Range: 12-18

Price: is £15 in advance

To sign up: please email the following details to:

Subject: Youth Bluegrass Signup (surname)

Parent/Guardian name(s).

Contact number and email (ideally two contact numbers if possible).

Participant name.

Participant instrument.

Please notify us of anything we may need to be aware of concerning the participant(s).

Once we have received these we'll send an email to confirm your place.

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