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Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy


Hexham Bluegrass Festival acknowledges that it has a duty of care towards all involved in the Hexham Bluegrass festival 2023.


This policy aims to promote a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for volunteers, musicians and guests at the festival, regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or age. Threatening, discriminatory, or any other intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated at the festival and will be dealt with immediately.


Safeguarding equates to protecting a person’s health, wellbeing and human rights; enabling children, young people and adults to attend the festival and associated activities free from harm, abuse and neglect.


Hexham Bluegrass Festival is run by a committee of enthusiastic volunteers who plan and run the Festival’s activities, with sub committees and volunteer helpers. It is the responsibility of all our volunteers to familiarise themselves with this policy and to report any safeguarding concerns directly to the relevant local authority. The festival will be held at public locations around Hexham and this means that the festival is as accessible as any other public space in the town. This Policy relates to all who attend Hexham Bluegrass festival and associated events, but in particular, children under the age of eighteen and vulnerable adults.




The Festival will endeavour to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all children, young people and adults. It will achieve this through a duty of care from it’s volunteers by following these key principles:

•    Treating all participants at the festival with respect.

•    Being vigilant to potential safeguarding issues that may arise over the duration of the festival.

•    Responding to concerns and allegations seriously and quickly.



Responsibility of Parents and Carers


All children and vulnerable adults who attend the festival remain the responsibility of parents and carers. Festival volunteers will endeavour to assist parents and carers with any safeguarding issues that may arise. No children will be left intentionally in the care of a festival volunteer where the volunteer is not a parent, guardian or carer. There are no planned activities where children will be left alone with an adult, but if this situation arises, one of our DBS checked volunteers must be present.


Inappropriate conduct


Inappropriate conduct such as comments and actions that contribute to discrimination, harassment or victimisation are not acceptable and will be challenged. Such incidents will be recorded and shared with the relevant authorities when necessary and appropriate. Any criminal offences committed will be reported to the police immediately by one of our volunteers.



Reporting and complaints


If any participant of Hexham Bluegrass festival encounters inappropriate conduct and feels unable to deal with it, they should report it to a volunteer who will investigate. The festival committee will take proportionate steps to address the issues involved which may include excluding individuals from the site or informing relevant authorities as appropriate. All volunteers will be familiar with the resources included below, regarding the safeguarding of children and adults and how to recognise whether to be concerned about an individual.


Child protection system in England (NSPCC)


Adult safeguarding advice from the relevant local authority (Northumberland County Council)


Any concerns raised about a vulnerable adult can be reported to the Northumberland Safeguarding Adults Board through the following channels:

Onecall: 01670 536 400

Textphone: 01670 536 844


Any concerns raised about a vulnerable child can be reported to Northumberland Council:

01670 536400 during office hours.

01670 536400 outside office hours.

The police must be contacted in an emergency situation. (999)

All volunteers will wear a lanyard during the festival and should be easy to locate at various points around the festival site. If a volunteer cannot be found in person, contact should be made with one of our DBS certificate holding volunteers included below:

Tom Kimber

Mobile: 07473995988

We are committed to annually reviewing this policy statement along with related policies and

procedures. 15th April 2023.

Next Review Date: 15th April 2025

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